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Miso Garlic

  • Miso Garlic
  • Miso Garlic
Miso Garlic

-Directed by Dr. Jiro KATAOKA (Tokyo University of Agriculture)
-Organic JAS certified garlic dipped in miso paste which includes "KARUSHIOH" (low-sodium) certified miso
-Please consume it as a snack or with your meal
-No added preservatives, food coloring and chemical condiments

[Partially using Organic JAS raw materials]

Net weight

Organic Garlic (Made in Spain), Miso, Sugar, Mirin, Sake, Protein Hydrolyzate, Tofu Fermented Seasoning, Wheat Fermented Seasoning, Bonito Stock, Agar / Alcohol, (Contains traces of soybeans and wheat)

Miso Garlic

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