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Fiber Cookie

  • Fiber Cookie
  • Fiber Cookie
  • Fiber Cookie
Fiber Cookie with
Organic Young Barley Leaf Powder

-"Fiber Cookie" is rich in Dietary Fiber and Folic Acid.
-Includes Organic Barley Leaf Powder from New Zealand, one of our popular products we have been selling over a decade.
-Brings out a crunchy texture with oatmeal inside, and rich flavor from organic barley leaf powder and grass-fed butter.
-"Food with Nutrient Function Claims" with Folic Acid which stimulates erythrocyte (red blood cell) formation, and contributes to a development of a fetus.

Net weight
3 pieces
x 6 packs

Flour (Made in Japan), Soybean Flour, Sugar, Margarine, Oligosaccharide, Egg, Indigestible Dextrin, Organic Barley Leaf Powder, Oats, Grass-fed butter, Salt, Lactic Acid Bacteria / Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Folic Acid, (Contains traces of wheat, milk, egg, soybeans)

Fiber Cookie

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